Monday, December 14, 2015

The missing sparrows

I love animals, especially birds. My entire backyard is filled with bird-feeders and nesting boxes. It’s wonderful to have my breakfast in the morning watching the birds having theirs. At any given moment during the day, I can see a few dozen birds, a family of rats, and some squirrels. The bird life is amazing, and so far I have spotted 30 over species coming to the feeders. The one I am missing is  the house sparrow.

Last time we lived in London, about a dozen years ago, sparrows were the most common birds in our backyard. They were pests that scared away the other birds. But this time I saw none, not until this morning, when a single sparrow approached the feeders.

I never thought I could get that excited about a sparrow.


Bea Elisabeth said...

I miss the birds...

NothingToLose said...

me too. Now Mynas have taken over