Can use a mobile phone? Do you know anyone who cannot?

I didn’t think so. So let me tell you a secret. British services cannot.

I am not talking about the secret service here – they have been familiar with the technology since  007 – but rather about the other services.

Since I moved to the UK, we used dozens of services delivered to our house: from parcels, to handymen, from utilities to inspection. 

Some gave a great service ( – 5 stars)
Some were bad (why did it have to take six weeks to fix the still-under-warranty fridge? What was I supposed to do in the meantime?)
Some I could book immediately.
Others were nightmare to book (BT at top, Virgin not far behind).

But the one thing common to all was the way they scheduled their appointments. They would only agree to give a general time of their visit, like: in the morning, or around noon, or in the afternoon. Just like the days before the clock was invented -- after sunrise, the Bedouin say.

As a working person, I would ask them to be more specific. None of them would. This I could  accept, but what I could not was that when I asked them to call or SMS me just before they leave for my home. “Sir, this is not something we can do,” they would say.

Guys, what year are you living in? Making a telephone call is not something you can do? Is it because your servicemen or drivers don’t have mobiles, or is it possible that the convenience of your customer is something that you really can't be bothered with.