Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am not a guest here

The other day, I complained about some issues at my daughter’s school. To my great amazement, the did not want to deal with my complaint, and I was told that as I was only a guest in this country I should be thankful that my daughter was allowed to attend schools in the first place.

To clarify

In my business, I employ English people and create jobs
I bring revenue from overseas, part of it pays for the school and the teacher
I spend my earnings here
I pay my taxes here

I never asked for a preferential treatment. But if you want to treat me differently, just remember that I am not a guest here. I am a paying customer.

A great moment for English democracy

Is the entire political system corrupt? Can we find senior politicians who do not view those who elected them as means of filling their own pockets? 

At last, the free media is fulfilling its role as the guardian of democracy, waking the public up. Politicians have nowhere to hide.

Unlike 'normal' times, this time we didn’t buy into their excuses, fake regrets, or meaningless apologetic gestures. This time the media and the public demand justice. And the way that thing progress, there might even be justice.

Democracy is not about getting things right; it’s about changing them when they go wrong.

So whatever happens next, we must make sure that transparency, accountability, and most of all free speech and media remain part of the English culture. This is the only safeguard we have, and neither anti-terrorist laws, nor any other ill conceived policies should limit this right. This is something we must always fight for.

This is a great moment in English democracy. Let’s make sure that neither the public nor the media give up. Things can get better – but only if we cared.