Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Should anyone be allowed to have children?

John Ward was compared to a Nazi after he wrote in his blog that people living on benefits should not be allowed to continue having children for the good of society.

Whether or not you agree with him, it still raises a moral dilemma that we, as a ‘free’ society refuse to face: “should anyone have right to have children?”

Let’s focus on question, rather than finding an escape path by referring to China’s one child policy or Nazi Germany. After all, we don’t shun breakfasts because Nazis had them.

Like it or not, our 'freedom' is always restricted. We can’t drive without a driving license; we are not allowed to drink before drinking age, and we can’t teach without a teaching qualification. These laws - justified or not - limit individual freedom to protect society's. So can't we consider situations in which we prevent people from having children?

What about extreme situations, like the mother that has killed three of her children in violence attacks, should she be allowed to have a fourth? Is the mother's right to have them succeeds the unborn children right not to be born to be sacrificed?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trust the news

"Briton are increasing the number of long-haul mini-breaks they take"
Surprise surprise! Although I’d love to take a holiday here, I can’t afford it. Despite the cost of flying overseas going up, an overseas holiday is still much cheaper. Spain, here I come!

Trust the News

"One in ten British young people believe that George Bush is the head of the commonwealth"

I think it’s wonderful . After all, I would have never guessed that so many young people knew what the commonwealth was. By the way, I feel that it’s high time for renaming it to commondebt -- a far less misleading name.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Trust the News

"Teachers ordered not to risk touching children."

Teacher: can I speak with Ms. Smith.
MS: This is she.
Teacher: Rachel just had a little accident, and until the ambulance arrives, I need your consent to treat her and stop the bleeding.
MS: Sure sure, what happened? Is she OK?
Teacher: She’s losing some blood, so can you please give me your email address so that I can send you the forms so I can touch her.
MS: just go and treat her
Teacher: I am very sorry, but I need a waiver. You see we are restricted by legislation from touching anyone without written consent …

Sounds ridiculous?  Tell it to the good policemen that did not save drowning child, as by doing so he would have violated health and safety regulations.