"Men caught paying for sex with women who are controlled by pimps will be fined ₤1000, and will be shamed publicly."
Well done creative thinkers.
If you read my blog, you may be aware that I strongly believe that it’s our duty to do all in our power to fight the horrendous crime of human trafficking. This is the main reason for this new legislation. But this is not the way.

After all, not even Iran, with death by stoning, managed to stop prostitution; can we? It will only make it impossible for men to report on such situations when they encounter them.

Can you imagine hoards of policemen hiding next to each prostitute to catch and fine her clients, instead of arresting the pimp and releasing the prostitute. After all, if they know which prostitute is employed by a pimp, why do they need to wait for her clients?

Once again, it's just another tax, a scheme for making easy money, without dealing with the problem itself.  When will the UK legislator start thinking about catching and punishing criminals and not how to fill their coffers?  When will human rights laws ensure that law abiding citizen are as protected as criminals?